IT Custom Solution


Financial services companies face a growing list of urgent technology-related challenges – from hackers that threaten to do catastrophic harm, to confusing compliance standards that hinder productivity and drain company resources. The ability to effectively deal with these problems, while still running a profitable, efficient business, can be the difference between success and failure.

Most finance firms don’t have the skills to build and maintain their own information systems to industry standards, meaning they rely on a technology partner to help them make well-informed technology decisions. At ICS, our seasoned IT specialists help financial services firms build customized technology solutions that address their specific needs and problems. Our Help Desk provides world-class service and support to end-users, and our dedicated cybersecurity team is an expert at implementing strategic security and compliance solutions to help mitigate risk and increase your firm’s security posture.

  • Make Smarter Decisions in Shorter Time Financial technology changes day to day, week to week. Our team can help keep you aware of important news and updates that may impact your organization and make sure you have the information you need to make the smartest, most timely decisions.
  • World-Class Reliability We’ve been supporting, monitoring, and protecting the network infrastructure of financial firms throughout NY/Tri state area, and during that time we’ve devised a process for optimizing the reliability of their systems.
  • Build a Stronger Workforce Demonstrate your commitment to your team by delivering a unified, efficient experience across all major technology platforms. With the help of our engineers, you’ll benefit from cloud applications, mobile, and other cutting-edge technologies, giving you a firm foundation for greater productivity and success.


Educational institutions have unique and complex IT needs. The first challenge they face is managing and maintaining many different systems spread across several physical locations. Computer labs, science facilities, student dorms, and administration offices will all have unique IT management requirements, which can easily overwhelm a small IT team or an inexperienced IT partner.

Another concern is security. While educational organizations can’t cordon off areas into “zero trust” zones like a traditional maximum-security environment, they must still protect valuable intellectual property and ensure that their student records are kept in accordance with federal regulations, like FERPA, CORPA, and others.

We understand those distinct needs. We’ve been building and supporting network and technology solutions for educational institutions of all kinds, providing them with dependable help desk support, forward-thinking strategy, robust cybersecurity services, compliance expertise, and more.

We believe our primary role as a technology partner is to stabilize your IT environment and position your network for scalability and growth. This multi-step process involves untangling chronic IT problems, optimizing systems and processes, then proactively ensuring those systems continue to run error-free as your organization evolves. A managed IT services provider will also make sure that your institution is equipped with the latest technology infrastructure to meet the growing needs of your leadership and staff.


The challenges facing law firms are intensifying. While the demand for legal services has stagnated, new technologies have eroded the billable hour model and malicious hackers threaten unprepared firms with catastrophe.

Meeting this new reality with the best technology possible isn’t just the smartest option — it’s often a necessary step to remaining competitive and profitable. But where to begin? Most law firms lack the internal IT talent to make this transformation unassisted. This is especially true when you factor in specialist skills like regulatory compliance which are far beyond the ability of the average IT staff.

To make the most of your technology investment, you’ll need to find a firm you can trust. A team of experts that understands the legal services industry and has the expertise to customize a solution that supports your strategic vision, without charging you unexpected, crippling fees.

Technology That’s Aligned with Your Goals Every law firm has its unique vision. ICS Tech Support team will help you strategically adopt the newest legal technologies to maximize your productivity and to help you attain greater profitability.

World-Class IT Support
World-class means comprehensive IT support for your firm that provides maximum uptime and high availability. This includes a 24/7 help-desk that’s staffed by the most skilled network engineers in NYC/Tri state area, and an unrelenting commitment to proactively managing your network operations.

Flat-Rate Pricing for Predictable Budgeting
With ICS Tech Support, you get all the support your organization needs for one flat price – with absolutely no hidden fees or charges. This includes ongoing strategy sessions to keep your business and technology aligned and the most vigilant and knowledgeable support team in NYC/Tri state area.

Confidence Doesn’t Require a Long-Term Contract
As a legal services professional, you understand what not requiring a contract means. On a month-to-month basis, if we fail to earn your trust as your technology partner, you can just let us go. We’re so confident in our services and the value that we provide that we never lock our clients into a long-term contract.

Real Estate

Real estate and property management companies rely on technology to coordinate their work. In an increasingly complex industry, collecting renovation bids, managing leases and occupancy, handling maintenance requests, and overseeing property security are just a few of the tasks they manage daily. Technology dictates if those tasks are being handled efficiently, or if valuable time and productivity are being wasted.

Optimized Efficiency with the Latest Property Technology.

The newest wave of property technology or “proptech” is having a concrete positive impact on the bottom line of companies in the real estate industry. By combining IoT devices, mobile technology, and cloud computing, our engineers can help you extract maximum value from these new technologies.

  • Streamline mortgage and rental processes with digital forms
  • Coordinate with staff by using cloud-based productivity software
  • Speed-up maintenance and inspections with mobile technology
  • Build stronger relationships with potential tenants and buyers online

The experts at Manhattan Tech Support hold certifications from Microsoft, Dell, Google, Cisco, and other leading technology vendors. Those certifications — combined with our two decades of experience building and supporting business technology — Gives us the best chance at real estate companies in New York/Tri state area. From network and infrastructure services to custom software development that’s tailored to meet the needs of your business, we help real estate companies maximize the impact of their IT budget.

Achieving a Truly Paperless Office.

There are many good reasons to move toward a paperless office, but these initiatives often get held up by technical and cultural problems, including employee habits, a lack of centralized document management processes, and other issues. We’ll help you examine your work processes and audit your systems to see which are ready for a paperless transition while staying focused on cybersecurity and regulatory compliance.

The Benefits of Paperless Operations

  • Cost Savings
    Save the money associated with printing and storing physical files.
  • Better Teamwork
    Paperless operations make it easier for your team to innovate and solve problems.
  • Intuitive Workflows
    Staff and clients will both appreciate the faster, streamlined experience.

IP Security Cameras Reduce Crime and Improve Tenant Satisfaction.

A well-implemented security camera solution can help bring about a decrease in burglary attempts and other crimes. In addition, camera solutions can also help reduce liability for your company and prevent unwelcome visitors from using parking lots or property resources.

ICS Support engineers combine their cloud expertise with their experience servicing the real estate industry to build and manage reliable, cloud-based security cameras solutions. Our solutions, which use hardware from leading vendors like Cisco Meraki, provide dashboards that are accessible through a standard web browser, allowing you to view and arrange video feeds for multiple physical locations from a single computer without the need for specialized software.

Cybersecurity and Compliance Solutions Tailored for Real Estate.

The real estate industry doesn’t feel the effect of strong federal compliance standards like the financial services or medical industries. An unintended consequence of this is that, according to research by KPMG, more than half of companies in the real estate industry feel unprepared for cyber attacks.


No construction company can thrive when their technology infrastructure is functioning poorly. With complex supply chains and inventory relationships to manage and critical project timelines to keep, we know the terrible effect that IT problems and network downtime can have on any construction project.

  • Proactive network monitoring and maintenance
  • Friendly and dependable IT help desk support that’s available 24/7
  • Cybersecurity expertise and vigilance that reduces your exposure to risk
  • Comprehensive support for a flat monthly fee with no contracts ever

Our construction industry clients appreciate how we help them tackle these IT challenges

– Wireless Access Points
Your technology must extend from your office to each worksite, which often requires using cellular routers to bring network connectivity to your staff working outside the office. No matter whether they’re in a trailer, or twenty stories up, we can help make sure your employees are connected and have the tools to work most efficiently.

– Specialized Software Expertise
The construction industry relies on software applications like Autodesk and enterprise resource planning (ERP) platforms to work. ICS Tech Support team can use its expertise to help you locate the best solution for your company and configure and maintain those solutions to ensure your technology is always supporting your business goals.

– Workflow Automation
The term “digital transformation” refers to the many ways that companies can use IT to update and streamline their business. We can help configure your technology to automate or simplify everyday business processes, like filling out safety forms, employee check-in procedures and many more – increasing your productivity and putting you ahead of the digital curve.

– VPN Deployment and Maintenance
Construction companies rely on both remote access (user to network), and site to site (network to network) VPN solutions to ensure secure communication. Our team can help set up a suitable VPN solution and encryption technology, ensure it gets properly deployed, then maintain those systems as your network evolves, ensuring full protection of in-transit data.

We Maximize the Reliability of Your Technology with Proactive Support.

In the past, construction companies had to wait until an IT problem occurred before they could seek the help of a technology services firm. The problem is that as soon as systems are down, your staff has already started miscommunicating, delaying projects, or making mistakes. Those costs begin to add up fast, which is why this model of reactive technology support is no longer the best solution.

Leading managed IT service providers like ICS avoid this problem by proactively monitoring, updating, and maintaining your entire technology system – from the servers in your headquarters to the cell phones and tablets on each of your job sites – ensuring that they all stay in optimal working condition – always.

Health Care

The healthcare industry has very high standards for its technology. Networks must provide maximum uptime, resilience to disaster, while also being powerful enough to service a large, distributed workforce. Healthcare technology must also provide the strongest possible safeguards against cyberattacks and stay in strict compliance with the latest regulations. These rigorous standards can make finding a qualified technology partner difficult.

Some of the organizations that we specialize in servicing

  • Dental and orthodontist offices
  • Doctor’s offices
  • Hospitals and healthcare centers
  • Telehealth facilities
  • Clinics and mental health facilities
  • Birthing and maternity centers

Healthcare organizations are one of the leading targets for cybercriminals. But, according to a recent study by Black Book, more than 8 in 10 healthcare organizations lack a director of cybersecurity. This is a critical mistake, as your internal IT team lacks the skills to ensure proper compliance, and is likely already overburdened with day-to-day network issues.

Effective cybersecurity takes sustained effort and expertise. The cybersecurity team at ICS has years of experience keeping healthcare organizations safe from cyber attacks. We’ll keep you informed of the latest cyber developments, perform regular cybersecurity audits and testing to mitigate threats, and proactively maintain your infrastructure and software to close security loopholes. Some of our cybersecurity services for healthcare clients include:

  • EHR platform patching and security audits
  • Secure IoT and mobile devices against tampering
  • Vigilant monitoring to counter advanced persistent threats
  • Employee training programs to enforce best practices

Compliance Worries — Eliminated

We fully understand that compliance plays a pivotal role in the reputation of your organization. Our engineers possess up-to-date knowledge of the latest regulations and compliance standards and have a track record of helping healthcare providers of all sizes meet and exceed their compliance needs. Here are some of the regulations and compliance standards that we’re experienced with.

  • HIPAA/HITECH Compliance Assurance
  • 21 CFR Part 11
  • MIPS/MACRA Security Risk Analysis
  • 800-171 Protecting Controlled Unclassified Information
  • PCI-DSS Compliance
  • 800-53 Low, Moderate and High-Impact Information Systems
  • OWASP Top 10
  • ISO 27001
  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • OSHA Act Assessment
  • SOC 2 Compliance

Our compliance and networking expertise enables us to design fully-customized compliance solutions that give healthcare organizations the protections and controls they need, without overspending on unnecessary technology or harming the overall efficiency of their network.

IT That Empowers and Streamlines Healthcare Operations

Healthcare providers feel the dual pressures of having to increase the quality of medical care, while also minimizing costs and finding greater efficiencies wherever they can. Better technology is a central tool in meeting both those challenges.

Electronic Health Records That Improve Patient and Staff Experience

EHR is now an integral part of the healthcare field, having reached over an 80% adoption rate by both physicians and hospitals. These systems keep your entire staff well-informed, reduce errors, and ultimately help your team provide better clinical outcomes to patients.

Deploying next-generation EHR systems, sometimes called EHR 2.0, requires both general networking expertise and deep familiarity with the technology needs of healthcare organizations. Here’s what a next-generation EHR system implemented in partnership with ICS team can provide.

  • Streamlined interfaces with more intuitive operations
  • Improved tools for collaboration and team-based care
  • Online portals for better doctor-patient communications
  • Modern and intuitive bill payments systems

ICS is passionate about helping small- and midsized healthcare facilities deploy and manage their EHR implementations for maximum efficiency. If you’re in need of EHR expertise, feel free to contact us with any questions you might have.

Cloud Strategy for Healthcare Providers.

Cloud computing is now central to the data storage, backup, and disaster recovery solutions of many industries, including healthcare. With the help of complementary technologies such as data encryption, compression, and de-duplication, healthcare providers can now confidently use cloud technologies to save costs and increase the reliability of their technology systems.

ICS is a recognized expert in providing cloud services. Our engineering team holds certifications from top cloud technology vendors, including Microsoft, VMware, Cisco, and many others. We’ll design a cloud solution for your organization that helps you boost productivity, avoid large capital expenditure, and ensure that your data is protected according to the latest compliance standards.