IT Custom Solution LLC collaborated with a state government agency to modernize their IT infrastructure and enhance their digital service offerings to citizens. Our team provided a comprehensive range of services, including cloud computing and migration, custom software development, and IT consulting and strategy. This extensive digital transformation initiative resulted in improved operational efficiency, better service delivery, and enhanced citizen engagement.

State and Local Government
Cloud Computing and Migration, Custom Software Development, IT Consulting and Strategy


The state government agency was grappling with outdated IT systems, inefficient data management processes, and a lack of integration between various service platforms. They required a robust solution to modernize their infrastructure, streamline data management, and develop user-friendly digital service portals for citizens.


IT Custom Solution LLC’s team of experts devised a tailored plan to address the agency’s specific needs:

  1. Cloud Computing and Migration: We facilitated the migration of the agency’s data and applications to a secure cloud-based infrastructure, enabling enhanced data management, improved accessibility, and reduced IT maintenance costs.
  2. Custom Software Development: Our team developed custom digital service portals, integrating various platforms and services to provide a seamless user experience for citizens accessing government services online.
  3. IT Consulting and Strategy: We provided strategic guidance to the agency, helping them align their IT roadmap with their operational goals and ensuring a future-proof technology landscape.


The partnership with IT Custom Solution LLC led to significant improvements for the state government agency:

  1. A 45% reduction in IT infrastructure and maintenance costs, thanks to the transition to a cloud-based environment.
  2. Improved operational efficiency, with streamlined data management processes and better integration between service platforms.
  3. Enhanced citizen engagement, with a 30% increase in the usage of digital service portals for accessing government services.