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Expert IT services for the logistics Industry

Logistics companies must constantly adapt to changing customer demands, emerging technologies, and new competition. They must ensure that their operations are efficient, flexible, and able to quickly respond to market changes.

  • To maintain customer satisfaction, they must provide fast and reliable delivery services, with real-time tracking and flexible options for order fulfillment.
  • Keeping pace with the latest technological advancements in the industry, such as automation and digitalization, is critical for staying ahead of the competition.
  • To maintain a competitive edge, logistics companies need to be able to manage their supply chains and distribution networks effectively, with a focus on reducing costs and improving delivery times.

IT Custom Solution provides the IT support to achieve these goals. With experience across the logistics IT portfolio, including automation, data analytics, security and more, IT Custom Solution is your trusted partner in building a technology-driven logistics operation.


The industry sectors we serve include

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    E-commerce logistics

    Improve customer experience, by optimizing order fulfillment and delivery times, leveraging automation and digitalization.
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    Freight logistics

    Optimize your supply chain, by using predictive analytics, automation, and real-time tracking technologies.
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    Warehouse management

    Increase efficiency and reduce costs, by automating warehouse operations, optimizing inventory management, and using data analytics.
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    Fleet management

    Improve the management of your vehicles and drivers, by using telematics, real-time tracking, and analytics.
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    Cold chain logistics

    Maintain the integrity of temperature-sensitive goods, by using real-time monitoring and predictive analytics, combined with industry-specific technology solutions.
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    Intermodal logistics

    Maximize the efficiency of multi-modal transport, by optimizing the use of road, rail, air, and sea transport, using data analytics and real-time tracking.

Our clients can streamline their operations and reduce costs while maintaining customer satisfaction.

  • Improved operational efficiency
    Reduce costs and improve delivery times, by automating logistics operations, optimizing supply chains, and using predictive analytics.
  • Enhanced security
    Our clients can protect their sensitive data and ensure the security of their cargo and vehicles, with real-time monitoring, telematics, and security solutions.
  • Improved customer satisfaction
    Provide fast and reliable delivery services, with real-time tracking and flexible order fulfillment options, resulting in increased customer satisfaction.
  • Access to cutting-edge technology
    Stay ahead of the competition, by leveraging the latest technological advancements in the logistics industry, with the support of IT Custom Solution.

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Transform your logistics operations by focusing on 3 key areas

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    Automation and digitalization

    Increase efficiency and reduce costs, by automating logistics operations and using digital technologies.
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    Data-driven decision-making

    Optimize operations and improve decision-making, by using data analytics, predictive analytics, and real-time tracking.
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    Technology partnership

    Adopt a collaborative approach to technology, by leveraging innovation labs, technology alliances & partners, and industry-specific solutions.

Our logistics expertise

IT Custom Solution is a joint venture between Southvale solutions. Our experts have deep knowledge of the complexities of the logistics industry and know how to deploy digital technology to transform logistics operations.


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