IT Custom Solution LLC is an IT solutions company specializing in custom software development, cloud solutions, and IT consulting. A healthcare provider approached us with the challenge of streamlining their Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system. The provider was struggling with a cumbersome and outdated EMR system that was slowing down patient care, and they needed a solution that would modernize their system and make it more efficient.

Custom Software Development, Cloud Solutions, IT Consulting


The healthcare provider’s EMR system was outdated and inefficient, causing delays in patient care and negatively impacting their bottom line. The provider needed a solution that would improve the user experience, streamline processes, and integrate with other healthcare systems seamlessly.


IT Custom Solution LLC developed a custom EMR system that was tailored to the healthcare provider’s unique needs. The new system featured an intuitive user interface, streamlined processes, and was fully integrated with other healthcare systems. The system also included features such as automated billing and insurance claims processing, as well as advanced data analytics to help the provider make data-driven decisions.


The new EMR system developed by IT Custom Solution LLC resulted in significant improvements for the healthcare provider. Patient care was streamlined and more efficient, resulting in increased patient satisfaction and faster treatment times. The provider also saw significant cost savings due to the system’s automated billing and claims processing features. Overall, the healthcare provider was thrilled with the results of the project and credited IT Custom Solution LLC with helping to modernize their system and improve their bottom line.