In this case study, we explore how IT Custom Solution LLC collaborated with an ambitious entertainment company to create an immersive and interactive augmented reality (AR) mobile app. The app provided users with a unique entertainment experience by combining real-world environments with digital content, leading to increased engagement and user satisfaction.

Mobile App Development, IT Consulting and Strategy, Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence


The entertainment company sought to create an innovative AR mobile app to capitalize on the growing market for interactive entertainment experiences. They needed a cutting-edge solution that would provide users with engaging and immersive AR content, while also offering a seamless and intuitive interface.


IT Custom Solution LLC worked closely with the entertainment company to understand their vision and target audience. Our team of skilled developers designed and developed a custom AR mobile app that allowed users to interact with digital content overlaid on their real-world environment. We also implemented big data analytics and AI algorithms to personalize content and provide users with tailored experiences based on their interests and preferences.


The AR mobile app developed by IT Custom Solution LLC delivered significant benefits to the entertainment company and its users:

  1. Innovative entertainment experience: The AR mobile app provided users with a unique and immersive entertainment experience, differentiating the company in the competitive market.
  2. Increased user engagement: The interactive nature of the AR content led to higher user engagement and satisfaction, driving more downloads and positive reviews.
  3. Personalized content: The integration of big data analytics and AI enabled the app to deliver personalized content and experiences, further enhancing user satisfaction and retention.
  4. Expanded market reach: The groundbreaking AR mobile app attracted a diverse user base, expanding the entertainment company’s market reach and revenue potential.